Crop Selection

Crop selection is an important factor in successful farming. Before actually starting a farming, it is the basic requisite that must be undertaken. Select crop based market demand, profitability and most importantly hoping to get back the amount more that you invest on a crop.



Soil Preparation

This stage is to simply produce a level and fine surface to sow the seeds. Soil preparation include ploughing, leveling and manuring, and it is the main strength for a crop to grow properly. Crops absorbs the nutrients and water through the roots from the soil, so perfectly level up the soil and removes stones or any weeds to create a smooth and crumbly texture which helps in releasing nutrients.



Seed Selection

Seed selection is the process of selecting viable and healthy seeds for producing higher yields. High quality seeds are roots of a healthy crop. Various bacteria and diseases transfer via seeds. If the selected seed is from infected plants or yields, then it severely effects the whole agricultural process. Thus, always get seeds from healthy plants.



Seed Sowing

Seed sowing is the scattering of seeds on soil. This can be done evenly to avoid overcrowding of crops at same place as overcrowding prevents getting sufficient nutrients and sunlight. This concept is also tied up with one of the greatest principles. If we give something to someone, we can get more in return, likewise, if we plant something in a good condition, water and grow it, we can reap something greater and bigger and humans have power to build which can multiply itself.




Fertilizers are use in order to enhance plant growth. This includes 2 categories such as, organic(are also called as natural) fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Organic or natural fertilizers are created using animals manure, fruit peelings, garden wastage, earth worms and tea bags etc.,. All these release nutrients after decomposition. Chemical fertilizers such as DAP(contains both nitrogen and phosphorus) and potassium can also be applied to soil depends on the chosen land for health production of crops. In most of the cases, if organic fertilizers are mixed up in the soil at the time of seed sowing, then there is no need of using chemical fertilizers, because organic fertilizers helps in controlling weeds and maintains better growth.




Irrigation is the supplying of water to the crops and farming needs required amount of water. If seed doesn’t get enough moisture, then it can’t able to grow and thus irrigation plays a vital role. Most of the crops rely on direct rainfall called as rain-fed, but during period of less rainfall, irrigation in form of sprinklers, canals or from pipes promotes sustainable growth.




Weeding can be defined as the removal of weeds(unwanted & unhealthy plants) from field which should be controlled in earlier stages of crops. Weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, sunlight and water which affects and reduce crop yield. So, weeding is must to follow.




Harvesting is a method of gathering completely developed and ready to be collected crop from the yield. This process carried out when all the nutrients were developed and reached the appropriate stage. Harvesting on correct time ensure in good market value and crop quality.